Attention Golfers!

Do you want to…

  • Get greater length off the tee??
  • Eliminate nagging low back and mid back pain with better flexibility and core strength??
  • Get back playing 18 holes regularly with better energy??

Start training with resistance bands just like the Pros and you will see results in your game in less than a month!

The following Golf Band Package (shown below) will provide you with all of the band resistance, accessories, anywhere  workouts, and training education to get your score down and your drives further.

Gym to Go

Besides the bands and accessories you also receive these 7 bonuses FREE:

  1. The Attachment Free Single Band Training Guide to help you build simple, convenient workouts you can do anywhere.
  2. The Dynamic Stabilizer Guide to make sure you’re keeping your hips stable during your swing.
  3. The Travel Trainer Guide to keep your training routine going on the road.
  4. A Printable Hip Flexibility and Shoulder Stretching Posters to keep your swing feeling great.
  5. 6 – One Band Video Instructional Workouts you can do Anywhere, Anytime and not take time away from playing the game.
  6. My Golfer’s Training Quick Guide PDF to help you have an at a glance golf specific training resource.
  7. We will even throw in a FREE RBT Golf Hat .



Don’t Need The Entire Package?

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