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Band Training for Baseball (Digital)


Band Training for Baseball is designed to help young baseball players learn how to use RBT to improve their baseball performance (Digital).



Basbell Bands

...cause they work!

Why Is Everyone In Baseball Using Bands?

To: Players, Parents and Coaches…

5 Reasons why the big league baseball teams are using bands and why you need to as well

Reason 1

Elastic resistance was made to strengthen the body to fit the demands of baseball. Baseball is a game of diagonal explosive movements that are unpredictable. Unlike lifting weights which keeps you in one plane of motion, bands allow you to create patterns and forces that mimic the exact patterns of hitting, throwing and reaching

Reason 2

Resistance bands do not just strengthen the body; they are used by every major league team as a dynamic stretching tool for the lower body as well as the most important joint in baseball, the shoulder. No other tool provides the shoulder with what it needs the most, distraction

Reason 3

No other sport has a busier in-season schedule than baseball, regardless the level. Bands provide teams and players the ability to strengthen their body regardless where the next game takes them. Training on the field, in the club house or in a hotel, is not an issue when it comes to training with bands

Reason 4

95% of all injuries in baseball result from poor deceleration control. Band’s unique form of resistance not only challenges deceleration; it trains your body how to handle accelerated deceleration which optimally prepares a baseball player to respond effective on the field

Reason 5

Bands are the most portable, durable and cost effective form of resistance available. This becomes a key for youth leagues, high schools or other baseball organization where budgets may not be unlimited.

Bands are going to strength baseball movements not just muscles.

In the past the idea of strength training for baseball was a definite No No. This was the case, because the focus was on training muscle in isolation which was complete opposite of how muscle work on the field. Band resistance gets greater as the range of motion increases which means athletes get stronger all the way through the movement and not just in the middle like what happens with normal weight training.

To: Players, Parents and Coaches…

  • YOU are going to have more velocity behind your pitch.
  • YOU are going to have more power behind your swing.
  • YOU are going to have more range in the field.
  • YOU are going to have more speed to get down the base line quicker.

You won’t have to think at all… you just move.

This is another reason why Band Training has become so popular. As a coach or athlete, all you want to do is train. You do not want to think about every little aspect of movement. In reality, the more you are thinking, the less you are instinctively reacting. Base on how bands attach onto your body or how you hold them, they literally tell your body how to move or work. You will be amazed at how fast and smooth your body will move after just a couple of band workouts.

It’s Time for You to Discover The Most Effective Training Program To Hit The Baseball Scene In A Long Time –and Get The Results You Deserve!

When you order Band Training for Baseball today, you are going to receive a complete 4-part video series that covers every movement and every exercise.

  • Dynamic Flexibility
  • Functional Core Strength
  • Baseball specific lower and upper body strength training
  • Done-for-You Position specific workouts

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Also Take advantage of these 4 Free Bonuses

Bonus #1 – Express Band Workouts for Baseball

Band Stretching


Pressed for time! Not a problem for you anymore. You’ll notice that the best part about working with bands is that whether you have an hour or just a few minutes you can get a power and velocity boosting workout. Express workouts gives you a wide variety of workouts to put to work for you whenever your crunched for time. Express Baseball Workouts is yours FREE when you order today



Bonus #2 – Your Band Reference Guide

Core Training


You’ll never get stuck on an exercise or movement. The Band Reference Quick Reference Guide is almost like your “cheat sheet” for your band training. Refer to it any time you need to clarify an exercise, movement or program. Dave really thought of everything :). Your Band Reference Guide is your FREE when you order today!






Bonus #3 – Band Stretching for Baseball

Express Band Workouts

Like nothing you have ever seen. Stretching made easy and effective. No more boring counts or static stretching. Wait til you feel and see how your muscles react when they are properly stretched. This 36 page guide is FREE when you order today.

Your complete guide to band stretching.





Bonus #4 – Core Training for  Baseball

Band Quick Reference Guide

Core training is nothing new to baseball….but, believe me your core has never worked like this. You’ll be hitting muscles that NO core program hits. That means you’re getting more from your core…more from your core means you get more power, velocity and speed. This complete 54 page guide is your FREE when you order today.

There is no such thing as maintenance. Either you’re getting better or you’re getting worse.

Also I can pretty much assure you that the good players, coaches and teams are already using bands.

So the question is how good do you want to be?

P.S. Stop Working For Hours to Become a Stronger Player, and Start Working to Become a Better Performer that makes the play.   With Your Band Training for Baseball Program you have a powerful training program that is specially designed for baseball players.

P.P.S. Remember your success and your results are guaranteed with our 60 day results guarantee! You really don’t have any excuses NOT to order right now… this is the training program being used by guys in the majors, the minors as well as top college and high school teams. Hit the order button and let’s get started!

Recommended Training Use

Band Gym Customer Portal Access

At,  it’s about providing you the customer with a fitness and performance solution (not just a cheap molded band) that will help you achieve Fitness Sustainability and Longevity.   We start by making sure we are continually providing our customers with the highest quality “continuous looped layered” bands on the market, which Quantum Bands have been since 2005.  Along with  high quality bands and accessories, we are committed to being available for you with unmatched personalized customer service.  When you contact Us you Get Us, not an automated response. 

Education is also a high priority which we address by committing to share the safest, time tested, real-world resistance band training techniques, tips, setups, exercises, workouts, programs and coaching, every week through Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook.

As our customer, we provide you with Free “Life-Time Customer Access” to The Band Gym Customer Portal where you can quickly access:

  •  Our 8 Session Mini Course on “How to train with bands”
  • The “Done-for-You” 28 Day JumpStart Program
  • The Band Gym Setup and Exercise Video Library”
  • Access to The Band Gym Minute Coaching Series
  • Printable “Easy to Follow” Poster Workouts
  • Video Instructions on all RBT Accessories
  • Convenient Access to your Purchased RBT Digital Products
  • Direct Contact Page to access Dave Schmitz (Founder) and the RBT Support Team quickly and efficiently

Lastly, all customers get instant access to Dave’s RBT Live Newsletter (Est: 2009) which provides you with the most current cutting edge resistance band training and education every week.

Resistance Bands are an amazing training tool but like any fitness training tool, their capabilities are limited by the knowledge and understanding of the user.  To make sure you can maximize your newly purchased resistance bands and accessories, we do our best to go above and beyond to make sure YOU have what YOU Need to Get Better and Stay Better Training with our Quantum Resistance Bands and Accessories.

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