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The Dynamic Stabilizer Band Training E-guide (Digital)


Learn how to take a simple 13 Inch Dynamic Stabilizer Band and develop complete lower body training programs Anywhere – Anytime that build dynamic hip and core stabilization strength.

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 Dynamic Stabilizer Band Training E-Guide and Video Training Series (PDF Download)

Improve your balance, coordination, agility and walking endurance by learning how to activate and strengthen key muscles of hips and core while working out with a simple 13 inch continuously looped Dynamic Stabilizer Band.   

The Dynamic Stabilizer is a 13 inch continuously looped band that allows athletes and fitness minded adults to train dynamic hip and core stabilization strength.  By following the exercises and workouts provided in the Dynamic Stabilizer Training Guide,  you will quickly discover that training with a 13″ Dynamic Stabilizer band is not just a series of simple slow rehab like exercises.  By changing up your base of support you can instantly transition from slow stabilization strengthening exercises into fast athletic based cardio movements.

Who should buy this product:

Coaches, Athletes, Active Fitness Minded Adults, Fitness Professionals, or anyone interested in learning how to bullet proof their body’s power center by creating rock solid hip and core stabilization strength.

What You will Learn:

  • Why Train with the Dynamic Stabilizer Band
  • How to apply the Dynamic Stabilizer Band
  • 10 Non-Impact Exercises
  • 12 Low-Impact Exercises
  • 14 High-Impact Exercises
  • 6-5 Minute Dynamic Stabilizer Activation Workouts
  • 4-9 Minute Lower Body Workouts
  • 2 – 40 Minute Complete Interval Cardio Workouts

Plus if you prefer not to download videos and the manual to your computer, you can instantly access all Dynamic Stabilizer Training videos and the manual anywhere you have internet service by pulling it up in your private RBT Customer Portal which is provided to all RBT Customers.



Recommended Training Use

Customer Portal Access

At,  it’s about providing our customers with a fitness and performance solutions (not just a cheap molded band).  Obviously making sure we are providing our customers with the highest quality continuous looped layered bands on the market, which Quantum Bands have been since 2005, along with providing unmatched customer service, are important elements to ensuring our customers success.   However, along with that, we make education our #1 priority by freely sharing the safest, time tested, functionally based resistance band training techniques, tips, setups, exercises, workouts, programs and educational experience every week.  To achieve this we provide all RBT CUSTOMERS with Free “Life-Time Access” to our exclusive RBT Customer Portal.  Once in the portal you can quickly access:

  •  “How To” Training Videos
  • “Done-for-You” Starter Training Programs and Workouts
  • A 100+ “Exercise Video Library”
  • Printable “Easy to Follow” Poster Workouts
  • Video Instructions on all RBT Accessories
  • 30+ Helpful Training Tips and Technique Video Articles
  • Convenient Access to your Purchased RBT Digital Products
  • Direct Contact Page to access Dave Schmitz (Founder) and the RBT Support Team quickly and efficiently

Along with that, all customers get instant access to Dave’s RBT Live Newsletter (est: 2009) which provides them with the most current cutting edge resistance band training and education every week.

Resistance Bands are awesome but like any other fitness training tool, their capabilities are limited by the knowledge and understanding of the user.  The RBT Customer Portal and RBT Live Newsletter make resistance band training unlimited by ensuring as an exclusive  RBT customer, YOU have what YOU need to Get Better and Stay Better Training with our Quantum Bands and Accessories.

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