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NEW 4-G Finisher Training 2.0


Learn how to build “Your Own”  and Get Access to 80+ Done-for-You quick time efficient 4-minute workouts you can do Anytime- Anywhere

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NEW… 4-G Finisher Workout Guide 2.0


Quick 4-Minute Band Workouts Anyone can Do Anytime, Anywhere at Any Intensity

4-G Finisher Band Workouts are the fastest and most time efficient way to Get Better with Bands. 

The NEW 4-G Finisher Workout Guide 2.0 will teach you how to create quick time efficient 4-minute band workouts utilizing an easy to understand 15-sec work / 5-sec. rest interval format designed for all levels of fitness.  All you need is a little space, a single band and you are ready to get in fast workouts anywhere.

These 4-G Finisher Band Workouts can be used to:

  1.  Burn extra calories at the end of a workout
  2.  Get in a quick 4 minute workout anywhere to boost metabolism
  3.  Attack specific problem areas like hips and abs
  4.   Attack specific movements or muscles that are weak due to injury
  5.  Warm up specific body regions prior to free weight workout routine
  6.   Build complete workouts by stacking several finisher together
  7.  Learn and strength specific resistance band exercises


Here is What You Will Learn and Receive in This Exclusive Training Guide

1 –  A Complete Coaching Break-Down on how to build your own 4-G Finisher Workout

2 – 6 – Workout Level Progressions to create endless workout results

3 – A Workout Video Library with 80 Done-for-You Workouts to Get You Started

4 – Step by Step Instructions on how to Automate your workouts with the Seconds Pro App

5 – 6 Seconds Pro Workout Templates to Upload and Automate you Finisher Workouts


If you are looking for quick, time efficient anytime – anywhere workouts or are looking for ways to increase your workout intensity, the 4-G Finisher Workout Guide is exactly what you are looking for.


View an Example of a 4-G Finisher



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