Attention Truckers….

Make Your Truck a Complete Anywhere Gym that allow you to workout Anywhere, Anytime following a program that will keep your body and specifically your joints feeling and moving great!!


Why is this  A Trucker’s Best Anywhere Workout Option:

All exercise equipment can be easily stored in your glove box

No additional equipment is needed.. Bands hook up directly to grab bars, door jambs or sturdy attachments on your truck

You have  5 to 200 lbs of strength training resistance that weighs less than 5 lbs to take where you want to workout

You can do both attachment free or attached band training to keep workout from getting boring

Easily perform a total body band flexibility program that will eliminate stiff low back, knee, hip and shoulder issues

Be able to exercise indoors or outdoors when weather permits

Have unlimited workout options with 100’s of exercise, to develop total body strength, at your finger tipsWorkout Absolutely Anywhere, Anytime using a tool that is adaptable to Anybody

3 Free Training Resources Included

Both of these Over-the-Road Gym packages listed below come with these 3 Training Resources FREE to provide the training instruction, understanding and Done-for-You workout programs to get you started


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