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Crunch20 Attachment Free “Follow Along” Workouts


Get Instant Access to 10-20 Minute 1 Band Attachment Free “Follow Along” Workouts with “The Band Man” Dave Schmitz as your coach and training partner.

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The Crunch20 Workout Series is a bundle of 10 – 20 minute long “follow along workouts” created and instructed by The Band Man himself, Dave Schmitz”. These are some of the exact workouts Dave does personally as well as with his group fitness classes each and every week.

Don’t keep beating up your body lifting weights only. Crunch20 band only workouts will provide you an incredible workout option without all the joint and muscle pain that comes with lifting weights as the body ages.

Follow along on any portable device as Dave takes you through the entire 20 minute workout from start to finish. Done on a weekly basis Crunch20 workout will provide awesome interval strength training results that will challenge your entire body to build lean muscle, burn fat and improve your mobility while allowing you to train anywhere, anytime at the intensity you want.

Each workout includes…

  1. Pre-workout instructions on each exercise used in the workout
  2. Video instruction on how to set up your band training area for the workout
  3. On going instruction throughout the workout on ways to modify each exercise

… And of course you get to feed off The Band Man’s unlimited energy and enthusiasm that he brings to every Crunch20 workout.

Total Workout Time – 20 Minutes per workout

Crunch20 workout Format Each workout is a 20 minute total body interval workout that follows a 45-second work / 15-second rest interval sequence.   You will perform 2 strength exercises followed by a calisthenic cardio type exercise.  You will repeat this 3 exercise sequence 3 times which will be one round.  You will rest for 2-minutes before you are shown 3 new exercises for round 2.

Equipment Needed –  Each workout will require 2 or 3 levels of band resistance.   Training Gloves are optional but highly recommended.  4 Inch box and a chair.

Band Setup Requirements – Attachment Free Band Setups only



Workout 1

  • Round 1:  Push Press – Pull a Part – Stationary Run
  • Round 2:  Front Squat – Deadlift – Step-overs

Workout 2

  • Round 1:  Chest Press – Seated Row – Jumping Jacks
  • Round 2:  Split Squat Right – Split Squat Left – Mt Climber

Workout 3

  • Round 1:  Hammer Curl – Triceps Press – 2 Step Shuffle
  • Round 2:  Step Lunge Right – Step Lunge Left – Low Box Quick Step

 Workout 4

  • Round 1:  Single Arm Chest Press Left –  Single Arm Chest Press Right – Power Skip
  • Round 2:  Drop Squats – Hip Lifts – Drop Step Shuffle

 Workout 5

  • Round 1:  Squat Press – High Pull – Stationary Side Run
  •  Round 2: Reverse Lunge Right – Reverse Lunge Left – Crossover Step

 Workout 6

  • Round 1:  Incline Chest Press – Bentover Row – Side Box Shuffle
  • Round 2:  Elevated Single Leg Squat Right – Elevated Single Leg Squat Left –  Burpee

Workout 7

  • Round 1:   Lawnmower Right –  Lawnmower Left – Elevated Burpee
  • Round 2: Side Lunge Chest Press Right – Side Lunge Chest Press Left – Scissor Step up

Workout 8

  • Round 1: 1 Arm Seated Row Right – 1 Arm Seated Row Left – Boxing
  • Round 2: Reverse Lunge Off Box Right – Reverse Lunge Off Box Left – Box Crossover

Workout 9

  • Round 1: Curl Press – Drop Step Pull a Part – Crossover Shuffle
  • Round 2: Speed Squat – Good Morning –  Step Through

Workout 10

  • Round 1:  Drop Squat – Halo – Forward Burst
  • Round 2: Rambo Press Right – Rambo Press Left – Skater









Band Gym Customer Portal Access

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