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12-Day Beginner Band Mini-Course (Digital)


12-Day Beginner Band Training Mini-Course

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12-Day Beginner Band Training Mini-Course


ATTENTION – Resistance Band Training Beginners??

Stop Getting Frustrated and Overwhelmed Trying to Learn How to Work Out with Resistance Bands. Follow a Time-Tested Beginner Band Training Mini-Course taught to you by The World’s Leading Band Training Coach and have Yourself Building Time Efficient, Anytime, Anywhere Band Workouts in 12 DAYS!!


The 12 Day “Learn-by-Doing” Beginner Band Training Mini-Course with Your Coach Dave “The Band Man” Schmitz 


Why Train with Resistance Bands??

1 –  Resistance Band are the MOST joint friendly strength training approach, especially for 50+ active aging joints

2 – Resistance Bands train all aspects of fitness including: 

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Core Stabilization
  • Power
  • Agility and Coordination
  • Metabolic “Fat Burning” & Conditioning

3 – Resistance Bands are the MOST convenient way to create strength building, fat burning interval circuit workouts anytime, anywhere that allow you to keep workouts consistent and results occurring

4 – Resistance Bands are the BEST Travel strength training solution so you don’t have to search for a local gym or rely on a poorly equipped hotel gym. 

5 – Resistance Bands ELIMINATE the need to home gym construction and having to find space for bulky home equipment  

6 – Resistance Bands provides for UNLIMITED exercise options that keep workouts fresh and fun


YES…. Resistance Band Training (RBT) provides unlimited training options that will create a “sustainable fitness routine” but for someone new to resistance band training or is just getting back into exercise, RBT can quickly become overwhelming, confusing and frustrating which leads to an unsuccessful band training experience. 


 If YOU have MINIMAL OR NO EXPERIENCE working out with flat continuous looped resistance bands, this 12-Day Band Training Mini-Course is designed exactly for YOU.  


As a participant of this 12-Day Beginner Band Training Mini-Course You will receive:


8 Exercise Coaching Sessions that will teach you how to setup and master 20+ resistance band exercises

4 Workout Days to help you convert newly learned exercises into simple Anywhere-Anytime workouts

8 Additional Video Coaching sessions to enhance your band training knowledge  

4 Break Days to review or catch up if needed

21 Days of  “All Access” Coaching Support from Dave to get your training questions answered quickly and keep your band training momentum going

Life-time Ownership of Mini-Course for review when needed


Why I created the 12-Day Beginner Band Training Mini-Course. 

This short 12-Day “learn by doing” course is designed to help band training beginners, like yourself, focus for 12 days on learning how to set up and successfully perform the BEST Beginner Resistance Band Exercises that will jumpstart your band training fitness journey.   

Upon completing this short 12 day mini-course you will be on your way to building fun and productive band workouts that will make working out easier and more consistent using a convenient anytime anywhere joint friendly workout strategy. 


 The  12-Day Beginner Band Training Mini-Course is a perfect “learn-by-doing” option to help those New to RBT, get started training with bands safely by following a systematic and progressive beginner exercise approach backed by 20+ years of proven adult band coaching success. 


Here is How the 12-Day Mini-Course will be Set Up 

As soon as you sign up, you will receive all the necessary information via email to get started with the mini-course.  All coaching will be done via short videos. Obviously if you order the Mini-Course Band Kit you will have to wait  4 to 7 Days as we ship your bands to you. No worries, you will have additional days to complete all 12 Course Sessions.  (This is why the course extends over 21 Day)

Starting on Days 1 & 2 you will be taught a band setup with 2 or 3 band exercises/day that you will be asked to practice. That’s the Doing Part!!  

On Day 3, I will teach you a workout or 2 using the exercises you were taught during days 1 &  2.

We will repeat this 3 day sequence 3 more times over the next 9 days.

By Day 12 you will have mastered 20+ exercises and have 8 total body strength workouts you can repeat anywhere. 

Here is the Exact 12-Day Beginner Band Mini-Course Schedule

Days 1 – 2  (Setup & Exercise Coaching Instruction)   

Day 3 Workout Day!!

Off Day for Recovery – Review & Catchup

Days 4 – 5   (Setup & Exercise Coaching  Instruction)

Day 6 Workout Day!!

Off Day for Recovery – Review & Catchup

Days 7 – 8  (Setup & Exercise Coaching Instruction)

Day 9 Workout Day!!

Off Day for Recovery – Review & Catchup

Days 10 – 11 (Setup and Exercise Coaching Instruction)

Day 12 Workout Day !!

Days 13 – 21 (Catch up  & Review time)


Stop learning through sketchy, unproven, poorly coached band training highlight videos on social media. Instead, take 12 days and commit to learning with expert coaching, how to workout with resistance bands the right way.


If after completing all 12 Mini-course Sessions you are not completely satisfied and do not feel you have gotten better working out with bands, I will gladly refund your entire mini-course fee.  



I am excited and ready to help you start Getting Better with Bands.


Dave “The Band Man” Schmitz


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