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Core Chaos 28 Day Workout Program & Transformation Kit


Build total body strength while simultaneously training your core on every rep while following this complete Done For You 28 Day Core Stabilization training program.



Product Name:  Core Chaos 28 Day Program & Transformation Kit

This Package Includes:

  • 2- 41″ Orange Micro Bands (5-30 Lbs of Variable Resistance/Band)
  • 2 -41″ Red Small Bands (15-55 Lbs of Variable Resistance/Band)
  • 2 -41″ Black Bands (20-85 Lbs of Variable Resistance/Band)
  • 2 -41″ Purple LG Bands (30-115 Lbs of Variable Resistance/Band)
  • 1 -13″ Green Dynamic Stabilizer Band (5-20 Lbs of Variable Resistance)
  • 1 -13″ Black Dynamic Stabilizer Band (15-35 Lbs of Variable Resistance)
  • 1 Accessory Kit (Pair Training Handles – 1 Link Strap – 1 Door Anchor Utility Strap)
  • 1 RBT Sport Bag
  • 28 Day Core Chaos Digital Training Program found in your RBT Customer Portal

Program Training Format:  4 Total Body Workouts Per Week (30-45 Minute Each)

  • Workout A – 30-Min. Total Body Workout with 5-Min Finisher Workout
  • Workout B – 30-Min. Total Body Workout with 5-Min Finisher Workout
  • Workout C  – 30-Min. Total Body Workout with 5-Min Finisher Workout
  • Workout D – 45-Min. Total Body

All workouts come with progression and regression options as well as a Pre-Workout Warm up and Activation session

If You’ve Ever Wanted To Build A Strong, Lean Core But Have Never Found A Program That Really Works…

Here is An All Inclusive Core Training & Transformation Kit That Will Get You On YOUR Way to Developing Rock Hard Abs And A Powerful Stabilizing Core that works the way it was designed to work!  

Core Chaos Is A Training Program Specifically Designed To Give You The Functional Core Stabilization Strength & 6 Pack Abs That Work for You and People Admire!

  • Are You Fed Up With Ab Workouts That Are Nothing But A Series Of Crunches and Leg Raises That Produce No Results or Worse Yet… Low Back Stiffness & Pain after your done?
  • Do You Want Better Balance, Coordination and Strength But Have Been Limited By A Weak Core?
  • Have You Dealt With Low Back Pain that Traditional Workouts Offer No Relief for?
  • Do You Have Love Handles that Refuse to Go Away?
  • Tried of Always Having to do Ab Work that Gets Zero Results at the End of Your Workout?

If so, the 28 Day Core Chaos Workout Program and Transformation Kit is definitely for you.

Get all the equipment and easy to follow video workout instructions needed to Look, Feel and Most Importantly, Move More Effortlessly Than Ever Before & Finally Enjoy Abs You can Be Proud of With This One-Of-A-Kind Core Training Program!


Customer Portal Access

At, it is not about just selling you a band.  It’s about selling you a fitness solution.  by  providing you with the highest quality continuous layered looped bands  along  with the safest, time tested convenient resistance band training educational experience.  To achieve this as an exclusive RBT CUSTOMER you are provided Free “Life-Time Access” to our  RBT Customer Portal, where you can quickly access:

  •  “How To” Training Videos
  • “Done-for-You” Starter Training Programs and Workouts
  • A 100+ “Exercise Video Library”
  • Printable “Easy to Follow” Poster Workouts
  • Video Instructions on all Accessories
  • 30+ Helpful Training Tips and Techniques Articles
  • Convenient Access to Purchased Digital Products
  • Direct Contact Access to Dave Schmitz (Founder) and the RBT Support Team

Resistance Bands are awesome but like any other fitness training tool, their capabilities are limited by the knowledge and understanding of the customers.  The RBT Customer Portal makes resistance band training unlimited by ensuring every RBT customer has what they need to Get Better and Stay Better Training with Bands.

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