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BandSTRONG Training System 2.0 (Digital)


 Band Strong Training System 12 Week Band Only Training Program broken into 3 Phases to fit any fitness level. Includes At-a-Glance Video Instructional links to teach you each exercise in all 45 workouts.




Discover how you can turn back the clock 10+ years in just 12 weeks without having to worry about finding a gym even if you only have 90 minutes a week to work out…

Increase Real World usable strength and flexibility while melting away that unwanted fat with this joint friendly anywhere anytime workout program!

The BandSTRONG is the flagship training program of Resistance Band Training Systems designed for active fitness minded individuals looking to make RBT part of their weekly workout routine.

Upon completion of this 12 Week – 3 Phase – 45 Total Workout Program you will have mastered:

  • Top 12 attachment free exercises
  • Top 12 attached band training exercises
  • Top 4 locomotion exercises
  • 8 – 13″ dynamic stabilizer exercises
  • Over 20+ band only workout
  • A effective flow warm-up series

To achieve this you will get:

  • 30-30 Strength Interval Workouts to create a strong base getting started with your bands
  • 20-10 Tabata Plus Strength Interval Workouts to ramp up training intensity and improve your conditioning and fat burning
  • 60-15 Weekend Warrior Interval Workouts to take your workouts to a new level and challenge you to go past your comfort zone
  • 30-15 Metabolic Interval Workouts for maximal fat loss in minimal time
  • RBT Challenge Interval utilizing a few of my training secrets to test your conditioning and progress in the BandSTRONG program

I’ll also be showing you how to adjust the intensity of each workout so that you can get started no matter your fitness level

Each workout provides you quick “at a glance” video exercise instruction of each exercise.

All you do is click, watch  and workout.


Program Format  – 3 Phase 12 Week Band Training Program – 45 Total Workouts

Phase 1:  Beginner Training –  Weeks 1  – 3  (3 Total Body Workouts Per  Week)

Workout 1 –  Attachment Free Base Training

Workout 2 – Attached Base Training

Workout 3 – Attachment Free & Attached Base Training

Phase 2:  Strength – Metabolic Development  – Weeks 4 thru 8 ( 4 Total Body Workouts Per Week)

Workout 1 – Linear Locomotion Strength

Workout 2 – Lateral Locomotion Strength

Workout 3 –  Agility Strength

Workout 4 –   Interval Strength Circuit

Phase 3:  Speed – Strength Training – Weeks 9 thru 12 (4 Total Body Workouts Per Week)

Workout 1 – Speed – Strength

Workout 2 – Absolute Strength

Workout 3 – Speed Strength

Workout 4 – Metabolic Strength Training



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