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Dad’s RBT Fit Kit


Everything a Dad  Needs to Get Better with Bands Anytime, Anywhere



Product Name – The Dad’s RBT Fit Kit

This package includes:  

  1. The Beginner Multi-band Package with over 250+ lbs of muscle and strength building resistance.
  2. The Accessory Kit (Training handles, Link Strap, Door Anchor Utility Strap)
  3. 13″ Green Dynamic Stabilizer
  4. A Training Bag
  5. Dad’s Quick Start Training Guide
  6. Core Chaos 28 Day Training Program
  7. Travel Trainer
  8. How to Build Your Own Home Band Gym
  9. JumpSTART 28 Day Program
  10. Strength Builder 28 Day Program

This package is perfect for:
Busy Dads who want the most convenient way to keep their bodies strong and moving great so they can keep pace with their family every day.

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