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41 Inch Yellow Super Micro Band

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Single 41 Inch Yellow Micro Band

Approximate Variable Resistance  – 10-40 Lbs 



Product Name:  41 Inch Yellow Super-Micro Band

This package includes:  Single 41″ Yellow Super-Micro Band

Dimensions of Band:

Width – 13/16 Inch (Extra Wide Yellow Band) 

Thickness – 2.5 mm  (8 Continuous Layers)

Length – 41 Inches 

Approximate Variable Resistance  – 10-40 Lbs 

Color – Yellow

The Yellow Super-Micro Band is designed for teaching and training upper or lower body movements to first time RBT users. It’s slightly wider design is more comfortable to hold and place against the body, while still providing a greater level of durability compared to the standard 41″ Orange Micro Band. 

Other uses include:

  • Rehabilitation programs
  • Resisted core and scapular stabilization training
  • Teaching and training upper body strength training movements
  • Adding resistance to another band
  • Training senior strength training
  • Upper body strength training for RBT beginners
  •  Teaching lower body strength to RBT beginners

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At,  it’s about providing you the customer with a fitness and performance solution (not just a cheap molded band) that will help you achieve Fitness Sustainability and Longevity.   We start by making sure we are continually providing our customers with the highest quality “continuous looped layered” bands on the market, which Quantum Bands have been since 2005.  Along with  high quality bands and accessories, we are committed to being available for you with unmatched personalized customer service.  When you contact Us you Get Us, not an automated response. 

Education is also a high priority which we address by committing to share the safest, time tested, real-world resistance band training techniques, tips, setups, exercises, workouts, programs and coaching, every week through Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook.

As our customer, we provide you with Free “Life-Time Customer Access” to The Band Gym Customer Portal where you can quickly access:

  • Our 8 Step Plan to “Getting Started Training with Bands”
  • Complimentary “Done-for-You” 28 Day Beginner Training Programs
  • Access to The RBT Beginner Workout and Mobility Library
  • Access to 20+ Band Gym Video Coaching Modules
  • Video Instructions on all RBT Accessories
  • Convenient Life-time Access to all your Purchased RBT Digital Products
  • Direct Contact Page to access Dave Schmitz (Founder) and the RBT Support Team quickly and efficiently

Lastly, all customers get instant access to Dave’s RBT Live Newsletter (Est: 2009) which provides you with the most current cutting edge resistance band training and education every week.

Resistance Bands are an amazing training tool but like any fitness training tool, their capabilities are limited by the knowledge and understanding of the user.  To make sure you can maximize your newly purchased resistance bands and accessories, we do our best to go above and beyond to make sure YOU have what YOU Need to Get Better and Stay Better Training with our Quantum Resistance Bands and Accessories.

6 reviews for 41 Inch Yellow Super Micro Band

  1. Ann McKittrick

    Terrific product. First introduced to product from a Wirecutter Fitness Band review where they were listed as the “Upgrade Pick”. They certainly are an “upgrade”, but, more importantly they are associated with a true fitness enthusiast(Dave Schmitz) who has an amazing and ever growing library of work-outs and instructional information. I initially ordered the bands for travel but now incorporate these bands and his work-outs into my everyday fitness, at home or on the road.

  2. Jon Lutz

    Your Resistance Bands are an Amazing Product. Very well made and high quality! They really work your arms, legs, upper body, and whole body workouts. I would highly recommend these bands to anyone who really wants to be stronger, increase your metabolic rate, etc. keep up the good work and great construction of your bands and Accessories. Love your products!!!

  3. Paul

    This has become my most frequently used band from the starter set that I have. The quality is outstanding, and the resistance has proven to be just right for most of the exercises that I do. As much as I value these products, I have to say that it is the video training and support that I’m finding to be the most beneficial. Dave provides a remarkable service to his customers, and I couldn’t be happier.

  4. Phil Raffaelli

    Your Resistance bands are awesome. Very joint friendly and easy to set up at home. I have been using them for my workouts for many years. The bands are very high quality and very adaptable to any type of workout you would want to do. Dave Schmitt is a very knowledgeable fitness instructor who provides a variety of workouts that can be adapted to an individual’s needs. I have emailed him with questions about workouts and he as always gotten back to me with his suggestions. Great Product

  5. Rick Armstrong

    After working out with weights consistently for the past 40 years and working my way up to professional natural(drug free) bodybuilder and having two separate rotator cuff surgery’s on both shoulders as well as a full quad in my right leg I decided in 2020 when I was working in LA to quit the weights and switch over to resistance bands. It was the smartest thing I could have done in my bodybuilding journey. I’ve have used all the layered bands out there and consider Dave’s quantum bands the best on the market. Thanks for the GREAT product Dave !!!

  6. Mrk

    Superior performance and quality.

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