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The Complete Guide to Attached Resistance Band Training


Discover How to Build a Joint Friendly, Sustainable, Ageless Strength Training Routine using Attached Resistance Band Training.

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 NEW – The Complete Guide to Attached Resistance Band Training

Stop Beating Up Your Joints by Constantly Training Against GRAVITY.  Attached Band Training allows Joints to Feel Good, Move Good while You Build Usable Strength that Maximizes Your Life Outside the Gym


Attached Resistance Band Training (ARBT) is an unmatched minimal gravity training approach using an elastic variable resistance training band that allows individuals to strengthen and condition their body using natural human multi-plane movement patterns.   ARBT provides individuals the opportunity to bring in key components of strength training with an entirely new series of standing based exercises that use gravity-less horizontal force vectors that results in significantly less post workout soreness and injury concern.

Training with a true horizontal resistance force allows individuals to:

  • Perform joint-friendly push, pull, and press training exercise options by significantly decreasing joint compressive forces by significantly reducing the influences of gravity
  • Easily train in the frontal (lateral) and transverse (rotational) planes of motion
  • Build injury-prevention resilience using training stimuli that are not possible using gravity dominate free-weight tools
  • Create anti-extension, anti-rotation, and anti-lateral-flexion forces to train core stabilization strength in functional standing postures
  • Apply resistance to any human locomotion movements including running, crawling, shuffling, skipping, jumping as well as backwards, sideways, and forward walking.
  • Develop unlimited strength training workouts in limited space
  • Perform fully integrated total body strength training movements like step-pulls, squat-reaches, lunge-pushing or split jump – press
  • Apply offset resistance in standing that trains reactive strength and balance
  • Combine constant free-weight resistance with a variable elastic resistance to create contrast strength training
  • Train any standing or quadruped human movement pattern
  • Train movement acceleration and deceleration

The Complete Guide to Attached Resistance Band Training will teach and provide you with:

  •  5 Keys to Successful ARBT
  • Coaching videos on how to attach bands while keeping you and your bands safe
  • 6 Proven ARBT Setups that will provide you with unlimited exercise and workout options
  • Simple accessories to enhance your ARBT workouts
  • 8 Ways to progressive change up exercises to keep the results coming
  • A Beginner and Intermediate ARBT Workout Blueprint
  • Over 150+ ARBT Exercises broken down into body regions or movement patterns
  • 20 Done-for-You ARBT Strength and Metabolic Workouts

Plus if you prefer not to download videos and the manual to your computer, you can instantly access all Attached Resistance Band Training videos and the training manual anywhere you have internet service through your FREE Private Band Gym Customer Portal which is provided to all RBT Customer and is available on the FREE Band Gym App.

Who should purchase this product:

Coaches, Athletes, Active Fitness Minded Adults, Seniors, Fitness Professionals, or anyone interested in learning how to bullet proof their body’s while creating a sustainable strength training solution that maximizes life’s opportunities outside the gym.

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Band Gym Customer Portal Access

At,  it’s about providing you the customer with a fitness and performance solution (not just a cheap molded band) that will help you achieve Fitness Sustainability and Longevity.   We start by making sure we are continually providing our customers with the highest quality “continuous looped layered” bands on the market, which Quantum Bands have been since 2005.  Along with  high quality bands and accessories, we are committed to being available for you with unmatched personalized customer service.  When you contact Us you Get Us, not an automated response.

Education is also a high priority which we address by committing to share the safest, time tested, real-world resistance band training techniques, tips, setups, exercises, workouts, programs and coaching, every week through Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook.

As our customer, we provide you with Free “Life-Time Customer Access” to The Band Gym Customer Portal where you can quickly access:

  • Our 8 Step Plan to “Getting Started Training with Bands”
  • Complimentary “Done-for-You” 28 Day Beginner Training Programs
  • Access to The RBT Beginner Workout and Mobility Library
  • Access to 20+ Band Gym Video Coaching Modules
  • Video Instructions on all RBT Accessories
  • Convenient Life-time Access to all your Purchased RBT Digital Products
  • Direct Contact Page to access Dave Schmitz (Founder) and the RBT Support Team quickly and efficiently

Lastly, all customers get instant access to Dave’s RBT Live Newsletter (Est: 2009) which provides you with the most current cutting edge resistance band training and education every week.

Resistance Bands are an amazing training tool but like any fitness training tool, their capabilities are limited by the knowledge and understanding of the user.  To make sure you can maximize your newly purchased resistance bands and accessories, we do our best to go above and beyond to make sure YOU have what YOU Need to Get Better and Stay Better Training with our Quantum Resistance Bands and Accessories.

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