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9-Week Variable Resistance Power Development Program


Increase Power and Speed on the Field or Court following a Proven 9-Week Band Contrast Training Program



Increase Power and Speed on the Field or Court following a Proven 9-Week Band Contrast Training Program

It is well documented and proven that by combining band resistance with free weight resistance athletes are able to significantly increase their power production as well as their multi-directional speed.  However up until now there has not been a Done-for-You, easy to follow program that allows athletes and coaches to efficiently implement this well established contrast training approach with high school and college age athletes.

Program Objective:   Teach and Train coaches and athletes on how to develop “on the field or court” power using a contrast band – free weight training program where  rep velocity vs. load will be the focal point of training.

Upon completion of this 9 week program athletes will:

  1. Know how to attach bands to free weight tools for safe contrast training
  2. Understand and be able to execute contrast training exercises with emphasis on speed
  3. Understand and develop dynamic stabilization at hips and core
  4. Be able to complete suggested sets and reps through all 3 phases
  5. Be able to perform all plyometric exercises
  6. Notice a significant increase in multi-direction speed and acceleration power

Who will benefit from this program??

  • Coaches looking to changes things up for their athletes 6 to 9 weeks from their season beginning.
  • Athletes that want to go into their season at peak power
  • Active aging athletes who want to train power but not beat up their joints

What you will get with this program

  • A complete 9 week program that provides you Dynamic Warm up – Speed Training – Strength Training
  • Structured recovery days
  • Modifications and Regressions when needed
  • Quick” at glance” videos of every exercise in every workout
  •  Corrective exercise options
  •  The “Why” behind Variable Resistance Training

This program has been tested out for over 2-years using real athletes.   When followed it has provided a 100% increase in power production, strength and mobility.    Everything an athlete needs to be successful going into their season.


Equipment Recommendation for this Program

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Resistance Bands are an amazing training tool but like any fitness training tool, their capabilities are limited by the knowledge and understanding of the user.  To make sure you can maximize your newly purchased resistance bands and accessories, we do our best to go above and beyond to make sure YOU have what YOU Need to Get Better and Stay Better Training with our Quantum Resistance Bands and Accessories.

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