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Dear Parents and Athletes,

Thanks to Resistance Band Training Systems and Owner Dave Schmitz we have been able to team up to provide a virtual training solution for our athletes.  The following resistance band training products listed below are what we are recommending you purchase for our online training program which we will be starting soon.

Here are the steps to follow when purchasing the equipment

Step 1 – Click on all items below and place them into your shopping cart

Step 2 – Once all items are in your cart, click on checkout to complete your purchase

Step 3 – When you go to checkout please enter this coupon.. champsp … to save 15% off all training equipment

Step 4 – When you have completed payment and put in EXACT SHIPPING ADDRESS,  Click submit order and Dave Schmitz  and his team will take care of getting your equipment shipped out to you the next business day.

Step 5 – When bands arrive please let me know via email or phone message so I know you are set to go.

If you have any issue ordering please feel free to email Dave@resistancebandtraining.com and he or his staff will be happy to assist you.

I am excited to be able to team up with Dave and Resistance Band Training Systems to help keep your training going during this challenging time.

Look forward hearing from you soon.

Chris Stratis

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