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Door Anchor Utility Strap

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Door Anchor Utility Strap allows you to do Attached Band Training ANYWHERE!



PRODUCT NAME– Door Anchor Utility Strap

THIS PACKAGE INCLUDES –  1 Door Anchor Utility Strap


Band Attachment Area – 1 inch x 10 inch plastic cylinder band attachment surface

Door Anchor Segment –   2 inch plastic cylinder which is designed to be placed into a door jamb or to lock the utility strap down when looped around a secure structure.

Nylon Strapping –  1 inch heavy duty nylon strapping that is professionally sown using double stitching to ensure maximum strength and durability.

Total length of Anchor Strap –  50 inches


How To Attach  and Use a Utility Strap  – Watch Video Link

How to Hook a Utility Strap Into a Door  – Watch Video Link



The Door Anchor Utility Strap allows users to using Attached Band Training almost anywhere.   The 50″ long heavy duty 1 inch nylon strap easily wraps around and locks onto a…..

  • Basketball Pole
  • Tennis Net Pole
  • Small Tree
  • Picnic Tables
  • Garage Pipe


…Or into the hinged side of a door jam.


The Door Anchor Utility Strap turns your simple resistance band into a multi-purpose strength training cable column system that allows you to train:

  • In hotel rooms
  • At the field
  • On the tennis Court
  • On the basketball court
  • In your back yard
  • On your driveway

… and you don’t need a partner; just bands, your strap and a secure attachment point or door.  Plus the plastic tubing protects your band from being cut by the nylon strap.

The Door Anchor Utility Strap is a “must have” if you want the freedom to do Attach Band Training Anywhere-Anytime.

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1 review for Door Anchor Utility Strap

  1. Marc Kunkle

    This is one of the best tools to connect band to other structures. It allows for full use of the band without extra wear and tear

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