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Medium 41″ Single Band Package “Best Band Assisted Training Package”


41″ Medium Single Band Package – (1) 41″ Red Small, (1) 41″ Black Medium, (1) 41″ Purple Large, (1) 41 ” Green XL Band



Product Name –    41 Inch Medium Single Band Package

This Package includes: 

  • 1 -41″ Red Small Band (15-55 Lbs of Variable Resistance)
  • 1 -41″ Black Band (20-85 Lbs of Variable Resistance)
  • 1 -41″ Purple LG Band (30-115 Lbs of Variable Resistance)
  • 1 -41″ Green XL Band ( 40-180 Lbs of Variable Resistance)

Special Note –  Keep in mind that you can also combine bands in your RBT workouts to create even more levels of band resistance variability.

The 41″ Medium Single Band package is the recommended package for stronger individuals who want to begin doing single band training with a high level of multi-band resistance.  This intermediate level of Quantum bands will provide users with:

  • The optimal assisted Pull up and push up band package that will allow you to slowly progress to full body-weight pull-ups and push-ups
  • High level of single band resistance to do all attachment free single band training found in the Attachment Free Training Guide
  • A multi-band package that when combined with a Door Anchor  Utility Strap provides a high level of strength training resistance  and versatility to take anywhere
  • A sample pack of band resistance levels for an athletic team,   gym, training facility or fitness center
  •  A progressive band flexibility package

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