Welcome to the RBT 45 Day FIT CAMP

As someone who may be new to RBT, we created this special product information page to help you select the right bands for your upcoming 45 Day FIT CAMP

To effectively complete the camp we recommend having  4 to 5 different levels of 41″ single band resistance, a 13″ Dynamic Stabilizer Band and an RBT Accessory kit.  These are all listed below.

Need Bands and Accessories??Here is my recommendation

For a Low Strength Level and no resistance band training experience

Consider getting:  One – 41″ Orange Micro,  41″ Yellow Super Micro, 41″ Red Small &  41″ Black Medium band and  One – 13″ Green Dynamic Stabilizer band

For an Average Strength Level and some experience strength training with resistance bands

Consider getting –  One – 41″ Yellow Super Micro, 41″ Red Small, 41″Black Medium & 41″ Purple Large band and One – 13″ Green  Dynamic Stabilizer band

For Above Average Strength and comfortable with strength training with or without bands

Consider getting: One –  41″  Yellow Super Micro, 41″Red Small, 41″Black Medium, 41″ Purple Large & 41″ Green X-Large  band and One – Black 13″Dynamic Stabilizer band

We will be doing Attached and Attachment Free Band Training in the Camp.

To optimally perform both types of band training, we recommend getting an Accessory kit and Training Gloves.

Accessory Kit Includes:

  • 1 Pair of Training Handles to improve grip and comfort with attached band training
  • 1 Door Anchor Utility Strap to conveniently attach bands into a door jam or onto a secure structure
  • 1 Link Strap to link bands together for lower body and locomotion exercises

 1 Pair of Training Gloves is not included in the accessory kit but is highly recommended to improve grip strength and comfort with  attachment free single band training.

Important Shipping Information

Domestic Orders –  Plan for 3 to 5 Business Days for products to arrive


If you have any questions on ordering equipment for the camp feel free to email Coach Dave directly at dave@resistancebandtraining.com with your questions.

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