Home Workout Success Starts with Education and Coaching

Let’s Optimize Your Home Band Gym and Give You Total Control of Your Fitness Regards If or When Life Gets Crazy 

From Dave Schmitz at Resistancebandtraining.com and The Band Gym:

Dear Fellow Home Band Gym Owner….

Resistance Band Training has never been about selling you a band.  I have always has always focused on teaching and training you on how to GET BETTER with BANDS. With COVID-19 requiring you to exercise at home, I want to make sure you have everything you need, including workouts and workout programs.


Having a virtual coach at your finger tips

Having a workout plan everyday

Not having to figure out what day to do what workout 

Having a 1 minute walk to unlimited workout options

Not having to wait for equipment 

Never having to change up your workout plan

Not dealing with crowds and social distancing concerns

Having workouts literally at your finger tips

That’s exactly what’s available to you when you have Your Own RBT Home Band Gym.


If you need help setting up Your Home Band Gym Bands… Click HERE  and Let’s Make Sure You Choose The Right Bands for YOU.


How Can I Help YOU??  


Here are 3 FREE Resources you can access INSTANTLY that will provide you home workout ideas.

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Want Done-For-YOU Individual Programs or Follow Along Workouts?? Here are 8 Proven Options:

28 Day Game Day Ready – Great for aging athletic development

28 Day Super Hero – Will challenge you to move with strength

28 Day Muscle Maximizer – Advance Body Building Band Program

28 Day Core Chaos – Build the Engine that Makes all Movement Go

28 Day SeniorSTRONG – Great Program for Seniors and 50+ Beginners

28 Day Strength Builder – First Step in Getting RBT Strong

Crunch20 1 – 20 Minute Follow Along Attachment Free Workouts

Crunch20 2 – 20 Minute Follow Along Attached Workouts

Get Coaching with Unlimited Done-for-You Programs and Workouts

Join the Band Gym (Save $20 in April)  and let me take away all your workout planning by laying out your workouts for the next 3 months and beyond.  Plus I will be there for you, as your virtual coach, if you have any training questions, injury issues or a friendly motivating kick in the butt.  🙂

 Tour The Band Gym

Are You Set to take complete control of your Home Band Gym Workouts ???

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate emailing me at Dave@resistancebandtraining.com.  I answers all his own emails so you will get Dave.

Dave Schmitz 


Pick Your Educational Band Gym Training Option and Let’s Go!! 

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