Build Your Own Home Band Gym and  Take Total Control of Your Fitness when Life Gets Crazy

NO More Having to Travel to the Gym 

NO More Waiting for Equipment

NO more Workout Interruptions  

NO more having to listen to obnoxious music

NO More Dealing with Crowds and Social Distancing

NO More Monthly Membership Payment

Imagine having Your Own Home Gym with the Ability to Train Anytime Anywhere doing Any Exercise or Workout You Want. 

That’s  exactly what you have when you build Your Own Home Band Gym.

Creating Your Own Home Band Gym

Creating your own Home Band Gym setup can be as simple or advanced as you want it to be.  Plus I promise you can accommodate any budget.   Obviously the more advance the setup the more training versatility you will have.  However you don’t have to have everything right away.  Choosing what you need for equipment will come down to:

  • Your training goals
  • Your present strength and fitness level
  • What types of RBT exercises you want to be able to do
  • The space you plan to workout in

Let me help YOU choose the best bands and accessories for YOUR Home Band Gym

Here are a few simple guidelines to help you with your decisions:

Which 41″ Bands???

Best bands for low levels of strength


Best bands for average age related strength

Orange-Yellow -Red-Black

Best bands for average to above average age related strength


Best bands strong age related individuals


Which 13″ Bands to Choose???

Best bands for low to average levels of strength

Green and Black

Best  13″ bands for average to above average age related strength

Black and Purple

Most 13″ band resistance variability

Dynamic Stabilizer Sample Pack

Why consider 13″ Hip Bands vs 13″Dynamic Stabilizers

If you have sensitive skin or are concerned about band migration due to higher levels of exercise perspiration, the Hip Bands may be a better option.

Hip Band Package will provide unlimited band resistance variability

 Band Information Chart

Click this chart link to get more information on specific 13″ and 41″ band resistance,  recommended usage and pricing.

Why Buy a Pair of Similar Size Bands???

Having 2 similar size bands or a pair of bands will be needed if you want to link bands together for locomotion training or you want to do bilateral upper body attached band  strength training using the most efficient band setup.

Which Accessories Are Needed???

Training handles – They are important if you want to do attached upper body exercises and if you have problems gripping or want a stable structure to grip onto when working out.

Link Strap – Needed if you want to link bands together to do attached locomotion training or create a longer training system for greater levels fo resistance variability.

Door Anchor Utility Strap – Needed if you plan to do attached band training and need to hook into a door or onto a sturdy structure that could cut your bands.

The BAR –  The BAR will create secure, band friendly attachment point to do any attached band training.  However you will need to have an established training area for the BAR to be place in.

Training Gloves – Training gloves are a great accessory to have if you plan to do a lot of Attachment Free band training.  These “Band Specific” Gloves provide padding along the outside of the hand where band pressure is occurs versus in the palm which is where free weight pressure occurs.  Plus they add an additional layer between the hand and band which improves training comfort and grip.

Why go with a Band Package vs Individual Bands

If  a specific  fitness training package has all the bands and equipment you, you can save 5% on your purchase.

The Most Popular Starter Home Band Gym Package

Beginner 41″ Band Package  – Accessory Kit  – Hip Band Package

Hopefully that information assisted you with you Home Band Gym package decisions.  However if you have additional questions feel free to email Dave at  He answers all his own emails so you will get Dave.

Also Note….  Any RBT Customer receives login access to The Band Gym where they are provided access to the following free training resources..

  1. Instructions on how to use all accessories
  2. An 8 Session RBT Mini Course – How to Train with Bands
  3. 8 Printable workout poster
  4.  Access to several Band Gym Minute training videos
  5.  A complete FAQ page
  6. A 28 Day JumpStart Program
  7. A 28 Day Strength Builder Program
  8.  Access to the Band Gym Setup and Exercise Library

Look forward to assisting with setting up your Own Home Band Gym.





Dave Schmitz 

Mix and Match! Choose the Bands and Accessories that best fit YOUR Home Band Gym Needs and Let’s Get You Setup to Get Better with Bands.

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